What does a Digital Agency do?



Many companies face the same challenges: too little turnover, too little awareness, too few leads, and an outdated image. Very few companies can solve such problems without the necessary outside perspective. This is where agencies come into play. There are classic advertising agencies or even younger digital agencies. When should you ask a digital agency for help? 

Not only due to the corona pandemic, but also due to the appearance of Generation Z on the consumer market, a shift from classic to digital communication and sales channels is taking place much faster. Commissioning a digital agency is then actually obvious, isn’t it?

What does a digital agency actually do?

As the name suggests: mostly digital. Now that’s not really surprising. As a digital agency, we focus our activities on digital communication channels and perform all services along the digital value chain in-house. This means that we do not need any freelancers or partner agencies and can guarantee our quality standards. 

The service portfolio of a digital agency can vary. Some agencies develop smaller WordPress websites while others focus on search engine optimization or digital marketing. For you as the client, it is much easier in day-to-day business if you get all services from a single source. This saves effort in communication and coordination of various service providers and also improves quality in terms of uniform design and development. 

A good digital agency also looks under the hood and not only solves obvious problems, such as the redevelopment of a website. Simplifying and digitizing processes is helpful in many companies and in many processes and is good for the customer, for the environment and for resources. 

What are the differences between digital agencies?

There are small and large agencies. There are good and not so good agencies. There are modular theme WordPress agencies and there are agencies that work individually, want to understand your business model, actively advise, organize workshops, design and develop in a user-oriented manner. A simple and really small website also works in a modular theme environment. But if the claim is individual, user-centered and technically demanding, more time, knowledge and know-how must be invested. This is where experienced digital agencies come into play. Because here technology is never a restriction in the creation of designs or functions. And that’s a big difference. 

Is digital really just digital? 

No, not for us. Your target group not only moves in the digital environment, but also has points of contact with your company in the real world. Today, however, the first contact with your company takes place primarily online. Either through classic Googling or through targeted online advertising. Nevertheless, classic advertising measures also pay off in terms of digital visibility: If you print advertisements in the newspaper, customers will search for your company and thus increase search queries on Google. This in turn has a positive effect on your visibility. Many classic advertising agencies that do not have a separate digital unit will not be aware of these combined effects. 

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