Product listing Optimization on Amazon in 5 Simple Steps



Amazon is a vast E-commerce platform that covers various sections. Therefore, selling on Amazon is not as easy as it looks. With the increasing trend of online shopping, more and more people opt for seller accounts on Amazon. 

Thus, competition is also surging among the sellers. Therefore, once you have listed your products on Amazon, the struggling journey begins. To be a top-ranked seller on Amazon, you have to struggle continuously. 

The first step to being a seller on Amazon is creating a promising product listing. Furthermore, Amazon product listing is a critical step of Amazon SEO. Thus, if you want top search results for your products on the Amazon search engine, you must optimize your product listing effectively. 

Now, there will be different questions emerging about the product listings in your mind. What is an effective way of product listing optimization? Here we will discuss the most effective strategies which help you in the optimization process. 

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon listing optimization is upgrading your product visibility by writing a comprehensive and transparent product description, the addition of high-resolution images, the use of related keywords, etc. 

Furthermore, Amazon product listing optimization aims to increase the search visibility of items, click-through rate, conversion rate, and ultimately sales rate.  

Significance of Listing Optimization on Amazon:

With time, the rush of sellers on Amazon is increasing. Thus, there is developing an increased competition among the sellers. Therefore, you have to be active to stand out in the competitors’ crowd. 

Product listing is the first impression you put on your customers. It is your vital key to convincing your customers to purchase the product. Therefore, attractively design your Amazon product listing. Add headings, bullets, and images to your product description. In addition, there should be clarity in your product listings. 

Fundamental Element of Amazon Product Listing:

There should be the following points present in your product descriptions to make them convincing.

  • Eye-captivating product title
  • High-resolution images of the product
  • Scannable product detail 
  • Presence of bullet points
  • The high number of 5-star reviews
  1. How to Optimize your Amazon Product Listing Title:

The product title is the first element that is displayed before your customers. Therefore, your Amazon product title should be firm and convincing enough to force customers to click on your product. The current word count for the product title on Amazon is 200. Therefore, be wise while designing Amazon product titles. Furthermore, your website should be mobile-friendly.

Your product title on Amazon should include the following elements.

  • Main keyword:

Ranking on Amazon depends on the search results for your product. Moreover, the search results for your product are related to the keyword present in the title. Therefore, take the Amazon keyword research seriously. Furthermore, add the right keywords in your product title and description correctly.  

  • Brand Name:

The brand name is the identity of a seller. If you work as a private label seller on Amazon, the brand name is a fundamental factor for your product ranking. 

  • Significant characteristics of your product:

Ensure the addition of main features of your product such as size, color, dimensions, weight, etc.  

  • Additional information:

Add any benefits related to your product if there are any characters left.  

  1. How to Optimize your Product Listing Images on Amazon:

Images play a key role in the visual perfection of your Amazon product listing. Most people find it convenient to see pictures instead of reading the whole description. Therefore, product images should be of high resolution in which each feature of the product appears clear.

Your Amazon product listing should contain images of the following type.

  • Main Image:

Take pictures of your products per Amazon’s guidelines. Thus, there should be a white background for your product image.

  • Additional Images:

The purpose of all these strategies is to satisfy your customers. In online shopping, consumers can’t physically touch the product. Thus pictures are the only medium through which they can check the product. Therefore, you should add images of your products taken from different angles.

To take impressive pictures of your product, you can hire an experienced product photographer.

  1. How to Optimize your Amazon Listing Bullet points:

As we discussed earlier, your Amazon product listings should be scannable. Therefore, it contains proper headings and bullet points that are easy to understand. Once a willing customer clicks on your product, the first thing he looks at are the bullet points. Therefore, make sure to add the primary features of your product in the bullet points. 

There are two primary aims of adding bullet points to your content. Includes,

  • SEO ranking Factor:

Bullet points play a vital role in the Amazon search engine algorithm. Therefore, make sure to add proper bullet points to your content on Amazon. 

  • To Attract your Customers:

The second goal of adding bullet points is to attract customers. By adding captivating characteristics of your products in bullet points, you can convince your customer to buy the product.

Therefore, there should be the following elements present in bullet points.

  • Enlist the essential features of your product:

Make sure to add all the essential features of your product in bullet points. Hence, people always read the information mentioned in bullet points. Therefore, it should have the potential to convince the customer to buy your product.

  • Design a fine structure:

Presentation of your Amazon product listing is the key to convincing the customer. Therefore, data in bullet points should be clear, comprehensive, and convincing. Furthermore, always use easy words which everyone can understand easily. Moreover, it will be good to mention five bullet points.

  1. How to Optimize your Amazon Product Description:

The product description doesn’t play any significant role in Amazon SEO ranking as title and bullet points do. However, through Amazon product description, you can make your customer confirm to buy your product.

Thus, before writing a product description, keep the following points in your mind.

  • Consider yourself as your customer:

Put yourself in place of your customer and think about what you like to see in a product before making a purchase decision.

  • Try to mark your product as different from others:

Take most of the benefit of the description space. Thus, try to present your product details differently. Furthermore, demonstrate that your product is better than others.

  • Insert related keywords:

Amazon’s search engine shows results to customers based on words they used to search for different products. Thus, make sure to add related keywords to your product. 

  1. How to Optimize your Amazon Product Listing by Increasing the number of Reviews:

Reviews play an essential role in convincing the customers for product purchases. In fact, studies mark the authenticity and good quality of your product. Therefore, It has a substantial impact on consumers’ buying decisions. 

Furthermore, people on Amazon like to buy a product with more reviews and ratings. They think that if anyone else has already purchased this product and gave a good review, it will be worth it to buy it. 

There are a lot of strategies to increase the number of your Amazon product reviews. Including,

  • Offer good-quality products and services:

Customers will give good reviews when they provide high-quality products and good customer service. Furthermore, make sure your product should meet the requirements of consumers. In addition, friendly customer service also positively affects consumers who may change your product review to 5-stars.  

  • Maintain High Performance as Seller:

Good reviews on seller accounts develop trust among your customers. Furthermore, promising studies have the potential to convince customers to make purchase decisions.   

  • Ask for reviews:

To request reviews, you have to provide good-quality products first. However, never ask for positive reviews only as it is against the policies of Amazon. Furthermore, there are available tools such as Amazon feedback insert or Amazon feedback tools that may help you.   


Being a seller on Amazon is a continuous struggle. You have to do your homework to excel in your E-business, whether you are a starter or a pro. Therefore, make an extra effort while making listings of your product. 

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