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For many companies, accurately and attractively communicating the value of their products and services is extremely important in marketing and sales activities. Therefore, branding activities are required to carefully promote the brand’s philosophy, vision, and worldview, and to strengthen the connection between consumers and the brand. With free expression style and length, videos that move the viewer’s heart are the best way to promote an original brand message. Even intangible products such as products with complicated functions and mechanisms and web services can be conveyed in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner by using videos with abundant expression methods.
In many areas of modern video production, in order to leave a professional impression as a company, your company videos should therefore be produced and edited at the highest level. Our agency has several experienced professionals who are happy to assist you by providing video production services. From brainstorming and conception to post-production, we accompany you in all phases as a strong partner with creative ideas. We are delighted that you have placed your trust in us and, in addition to modern company videos, offer you other attractive video formats!


At IT SOLUTION, after fully understanding the characteristics and targets of the product, we will produce a product introduction video that will lead to a “sales increase”. In addition to introducing actual products, we will promote the understanding of viewers and increase purchase intentions by depicting specific usage scenes of the service and using illustrations and animated video production.


By following these five simple ways we offer the best and most effective video production services:

• Exchange:
We regularly ask for your feedback and we also give you feedback on your ideas. Should you ever be on the wrong path, we will definitely tell you!
• Creativity:
Our work is creative, but we involve you and give you regular input on ideas, the image design, and the final implementation.
• Information flow:
We work with a 5-step production plan and inform you about the status of production at any time.
• Check:
Our checklists ensure that nothing important is forgotten during the hustle and bustle of production. Our timetable, your safety!
• Fun:
Our film team is always in a good mood, even during the greatest stress. Always!

As a video editor, I am an expert on the following Software.

✓ Adobe After Effects
✓ Adobe Premiere Pro
✓ Wondershare Filmora
✓ Camtasia Studio
✓ Davinci Resolve
✓ Final Cut Pro
✓ Blender
✓ Audacity

As a video editor, I am an expert on the following Areas.

✓ Video & Audio Podcast Editing
✓ TitkTok video editing
✓ 3d Logo & Text Animation with Dynamic Effects
✓ Rotoscoping
✓ Tracking Motion
✓ Instagram Videos
✓ Facebook Video (ads)
✓ Gifs Making (HD)
✓ Blurring Videos
✓ Video & Audio Conversion
✓ Adding Intro, Outro & Logos to Videos
✓ Film Splicing
✓ Presentations
✓ Trimming
✓ Video Captioning (Adding Subtitles)
✓ Linear Video Editing
✓ Transcribing
✓ Background
✓ Audio Cleaning
✓ Creativity
✓ Music sense
✓ Knowledge of Color correction
✓ A Good Sense of Timing and Visual Awareness
✓ A Mixture of Practical and Creative Skills
✓ A High level of Attention to Detail
✓ The Ability to Work under Pressure and Meet Tight Deadlines
✓ Patience and Concentration
✓ IT skills