Most powerful Amazon marketing strategies to boost your revenue

Why Amazon eCommerce platform?

Amazon is viewed as a desirable eCommerce business platform for retailers because of its international presence with millions of dollars in net sales. Amazon is the most popular eCommerce platform among consumers because of its total commitment to the customer experience. It always provides an extensive product catalog, high quality with reasonable price, and fast delivery.

Amazon has 2.3 million active sellers with the most recognizable brands globally. Statistics show that Amazon ships around 1.6 million packages every day, with 4000 packages per minute in the US only. Amazon has generated revenue of $386 billion in 2020 and became the fourth tech company globally to reach the $1 trillion market cap.  

There are 9.1 million total sellers on Amazon, with just 2.3 million actively scaling their business. What is the reason behind this gap? It is the lack of innovative and proper marketing strategy. Most sellers have issues getting their products top rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Therefore, this is the time for sellers to get the most out of Amazon SEO by reconstructing their marketing strategies. 

To be Amazon’s top-ranked seller is a tug of war game. Then how will a newcomer sell his products on Amazon? As I’ve said, it is challenging but not impossible. It’s all about your product marketing skills and sales strategy. Hence, we’ll discuss the seven most powerful strategies that make you successful in your Amazon business. 

How does Amazon rank its products?

Amazon uses the A10 ranking algorithm for search purposes. At first, it may seem the Amazon A10 algorithm is similar to the other search engines like Google. However, one should know that Amazon is a buying platform, making it different and diversified in some aspects. 

Still, it’s not a big issue to boost your Amazon SEO rank. But how? Let’s explore some tactics which help you to fulfill your dreams.

THE Amazon A10 algorithm is all about the customers’ behavior regarding customers’ product browsing preferences and purchase history. This search engine compares the sales performance of a product against similar products in that category. 

Factors that influence the appearance of a product on the first page of Amazon A10 algorithm search results include, 

  • Pricing information. 
  • Reviews of customers.
  • Quality of images or videos in description.
  • Response of seller to customer’s queries.
  • Off-site traffic on a product.

Therefore, sellers should consider these points for Amazon search engine optimization.

Most powerful Amazon marketing strategies to boost your business revenue

  1. Write a compelling product description:

A product description is a form of written content used to describe the information about your product. It explains all the benefits of your product so that it allures consumers. The product description doesn’t have any direct role in ranking, but it imparts sound visual effects on viewers. A lousy product description costs a lot of Amazon sellers money. 

You have to follow the Amazon SEO algorithm and attract customers with your descriptions. 

Make sure your product description should be easy to read. Try to create a general product description template which should be free of basic errors, includes,

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Long sentences
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Sentences that don’t have logic

A product description is considered good if it has an attention-grabbing heading and short paragraphs. A customer always wants a precise and comprehensive product description, so he can quickly go through all the main points. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your product description should be scannable.

One factor that matters a lot is clarity in your description. Your product description should be clear and compelling. You can insert some relative keywords to boost the traffic to your product. Moreover, you can utilize some backend search terms for keywords that accelerate your product search engine ranking on Amazon.

You can use HTML in your product description (e.g., bold text) and apply CAPS to emphasize the key selling points of your product. In short, if your product description is not appropriately optimized to convert viewers into buyers, it doesn’t matter where you rank in search engine results.

    2. Incorporate high-resolution images

Suppose you are searching for an item on Amazon. You type some related words on the Amazon search bar. Search results appeared on your screen for your search. Now, you will scroll down and try to find your desired product. The question here is, what will you see first about the product? Either its name or description? The first element that will appeal to you is the product’s image.

For this reason, it is necessary to put high-resolution images in your product description. Pictures and videos are essential elements that help generate conversions for a business. Make sure that your product images and videos are of high resolution.

Images play an extensive role in converting clicks into sales. A good picture always attracts customers and gently encourages them to click on the product. It’s human nature that he can consume images more readily than written content. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to put an image that grabs customers’ attention and makes them fall in love with your products. 

Amazon has the zoom-in feature to see the product more closely. If customers find a low-quality image, it will drive them away. It can also lead to bad reviews from customers, putting your product’s credibility at risk. Hence, a seller should focus on the visual elements of products to get more clicks. 

     3. Get more reviews 

Product reviews and ratings play a vital role in conversions and sales. Consumer reviews are the most effective way to accelerate the conversion rate, credibility, and overall eCommerce presence. Many customers read product reviews to decide whether to buy this product or not. 

If you have 500 plus reviews and ratings of 4.5 or above, it will make a great impression on customers. Products with reviews below 500 and an average rating of 3.0, all the customers will drive towards the highly reviewed product.

Statistics show that 84% of shoppers trust online reviews, and 91% of shoppers occasionally or regularly read online reviews. Customers often read online reviews to check whether others are satisfied with using this product or not. 

Products with the best reviews get more ranking on the Amazon platform, and ultimately their sales are also boosted. It is not easy to get more product reviews. But there are many things you can do to encourage customers to write reviews on your product. Includes,

  • Use the “request a review” button
  • Build an email list to ask for reviews and ratings
  • Put product insert inside the packaging to ask for reviews
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Launch products with Amazon early reviewer program
  • Offer discounts and promotions regularly

Higher ratings and more reviews always lead to most sales. Having different types of customer reviews can help you gain your customers’ trust, and it also builds your credibility as an authentic seller.

    4. Referral traffic

Are you worried about how to drive traffic to your product? While direct marketing of your brand or product is strictly prohibited on Amazon. Driving traffic to their products and growing sales has become a challenge for many Amazon sellers. Don’t worry, sellers! Everything has a solution. 

You can still drive external traffic to your Amazon listing by utilizing social media marketing such as Google, FB, and Instagram ads. You can also request the social media influencers to make videos on your products and ask them to give positive reviews. 

Build an email list to get more customers as it is one of the effective online marketing methods. These are some tactics by which you can get more organic traffic to your Amazon product listings and generate more Amazon sales revenue. Subsequently, your product sales will increase and make you a top-ranked seller on Amazon. 

  5.  Use keywords

Keywords have core importance to reaching important leads and generating more conversions. The words you use to find a product on Amazon are changing continuously because of seasonal, cultural, and economic factors. 

Hence, you have to optimize your products regularly with as many relevant keywords as possible. You can use keywords-generating tools to find relevant keywords for Amazon. To get the best outcome, you should incorporate relevant keywords in the description, product heading, and the backend of your product listing. 

   6.  Post the competitive prices

As the number of sellers increases on Amazon, competition is also getting higher day by day. To keep you consistent on this huge eCommerce platform, you have to be creative and spontaneous. Pricing is a crucial factor that determines a seller’s success on the Amazon eCommerce platform. 

Closely analyze the ongoing price fluctuations in the industry and keep your product prices updated. Deeply study your competitors’ pricing strategies and then post a price that can put you in competition with them. A good pricing strategy will always stand you upfront in the market.  

   7. Utilize bullets in the product description

Product description always has a very substantial effect on the customers. Therefore, your product description should be very concise and easy to read. Instead of long paragraphs, you should use bullets to highlight the essential points about your product. 

Ensure the clarity enough that every kind of consumer can easily understand the essential facts about your product. It will make the customers comfortable in deciding whether to purchase the product.  

Final thoughts 

Everybody wants more sales and conversions. It is the main point for which we do business. By combining the Amazon SEO and tools offered by Amazon, you can accelerate your product sales to high levels and ultimately generate revenue for your Amazon business. There are a lot more ideas you can utilize to boost your revenue. But, for sure, adopting the strategies given in this blog post will increase sales on Amazon, but you will also get customer satisfaction. 

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