Android Application Development

Whether Agile or Classic: Development according to the Highest Standards

ITSOLUTIONNYC Android Mobile Application Development Services in Louisville with agile methods, although we also master the classic computer development models or customize combined forms. We focus on:

  • Analyze the requirements of each client and handle them precisely.
  • Keep in consideration the changing trends in architecture and domain-driven design.
  • Division of application software into micro-services.
  • In addition to analysis, development, implementation, and quality control, ITSOLUTIONNYC provides maintenance, support, and training services if necessary.
  • Ongoing code monitoring, Architecture and design reviews.
  • Automated testing and test-driven development.
  • Provide cyclical partial deliveries of the software, keeping cost and customer-facing functionality in mind.
  • Focus on transparency in the process of development as well as permanent integration of the client.

Our methodology for developing mobile apps

We understand that ensuring a seamless user experience is the key to success for any mobile app. That’s why our mobile app development company has deployed a human-centric approach combined with a sharp technological push for developing mobile apps.

Validation of Idea

App Wireframing

App Prototype

Testing & QA

Go-Live & Maintenance


Our Packages

Android Application Development

Powerful software is the engine that drives digitization, even in commerce. ITSOLUTIONNYC brings you a wide range of Android Application Development services and expertise. We create high-performance android solutions. From purchasing, marketing, customer loyalty, order management, and invoice processing to warehouse management, logistics systems, and shipping. We do not miss any of the processes and requirements of each client.

Your company’s objectives are always present in all phases of the software life cycle, whether it is for new developments, improvements, the refactoring of old systems, or support and maintenance tasks. Our team program IT solutions for web as well as mobile applications, client systems, frontend and backend, and big data and databases. In addition, IT Solution NYC designs overall complete solutions and adaptations and additions to existing systems. To do this, we work with modern and agile methods, current programming languages , and the latest technology.

Our Technical Expertise

IT SOLUTION NYC uses the most current technological solutions that best adapt to each client and project in software development. As a result, our experts master a broad spectrum of technologies, programming languages, tools, and environments, such as:

Programming Languages

We work with Java, Swift, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, SQL, HTML, and many others.


We are specialists in managing Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Big Data

We have experience in big data processing,

Web Technologies

We seamlessly cover HTTP, PHP, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript, and many other web technologies.

Mobile Technologies

We develop for Android using conventional mobile development tools.

Tools and Environments

We use modern tools, platforms, and environments 

As IT experts, we bring technological evolution and process knowledge.

Professional Android Application Development by experts

For Android Application Development, we have one goal: to generate added value for the client. As a result, we place importance on quality code, test-driven development, automation, and dynamic architecture.

Since 2010, we have been operating IT with experience in national and international projects.

We master agile methods and work with certified facilitators.

Thanks to the complete networking of our experts and their exchange of knowledge as well as we are competitive and flexible.

Moreover, we act with interdisciplinary teams from different positions and locations.


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