Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Your time is precious. Let your Amazon VA handle it.

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Professional Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a person who works remotely to manage different tasks of your Amazon business to save your time and money.

Virtual assistants have many skills and intensive training. They can help you with Amazon-related activities for which you lack the skills.

Don’t you have time to handle the growing worklist? Let our VA take over all your responsibilities.

Our highly skilled VA will assist you in social networking, store management and administrative activities like data entry and research/data collection to make the job easier for you.

Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant is one of the best decisions you can ever make to grow your amazon business more effectively.

Get Yourself an Expert Amazon Virtual Assistant

We will provide you with highly skilled and experienced Amazon VAs who will take care of multiple tasks, including:

Amazon FBA Product Research that fits YOUR budget

Amazon virtual assistant can help you with, 

  • Product searching that depends on your investment and preferences
  • Data analysis of leading competitors and keywords search
  • Analysis of historical demands and competition fluctuations
  • Potential Revenue Calculation
  • 50 high relevant keywords
  • Shipping and FBA fee calculations
  • Determine approx. net profit
  • Budget Advice
  • List of Suitable Suppliers

We will do all these tasks for you.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential to maintain positive reviews and a high-quality user experience. Amazon FBA/FBM virtual assistant will help you with,

  • Live chat support
  • Support on social media
  • E-mail and phone support
  • Support on social media
  • Suggesting suitable solutions to customer’s queries
  • Handles FBM/FBA activities
  • Creating message templates
  • Comment on reviews
  • Addressing negative feedback
  • locate past and confirm orders
  • Refunds and returns

Inventory Management

Managing Inventory requires a focused approach keeping in mind the various aspects of the business, to keep sales flowing smoothly.

Our expert Amazon VA will help you in,

  • Reduction of inventory costs
  • Maintenance of the Inventory
  • Management of losses, theft, and Inventory errors
  • Investigation of inventory turnover rates
  • Calculation of lead times
  • management of supply chain
  • Determination of sales velocity
  • Keeps you updated about the stock-keeping unit (SKU)
  • Making strategies for promotions and sales

Amazon listing creation and optimization

With Amazon listing creation and optimization services, we can help you in,

  • Development of a cohesive and accurate listing optimization
  • Improves organic traffic rank by the selection of the most relevant keywords
  • Drive more traffic to your product listing
  • Enhance your brand’s online visibility, customer engagement, sales, and market dominance.
  • A Virtual Assistant uses all the best keywords within the product listing.

Order processing

The order processing tasks that a VA can assist you with are

  • order management
  • order processing
  • Issuing invoices
  • Managing returns
  • Managing refunds. 

Your virtual assistant Amazon FBA will help you stay on top of all your orders.

Amazon Product Sourcing

As your trusted Amazon virtual assistant, we will do profitable Amazon Products Sourcing by,

  • Find cheap products from different online retails
  • Purchase from the perspective seller
  • Negotiate with the sellers to get the best deal
  • Check the basic sales rank (BSR)
  • Accurate inspection of the product by using amazon product sourcing tools
  • Check the minimum order quantity (MOQs)
  • Assure that either company has authentic certificates
  • Verification of the company/manufacturer/supplier’s legitimate
  • Validation of the shipping documents

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)

After the successful launch of your Amazon store, We will provide you with the top PPC campaign management. We will stop the irrelevant traffic coming to your store. 

Our skilled Amazon VA will minimize your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) and increase the Return on investment by,

  • Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Keywords Research
  • Pay Per Click (PPC Campaign Setup, Management
  • Boost Traffic, Sales, and Basic Sales Rank (BSR)
  • Targeting large Traffic
  • On-time Customer Support & weekly Reports.

Tools that we will use in the whole process:

  • Helium 10
  • Jungle Scout
  • Keepa

Any Questions About Amazon Virtual Assistant?